IRC Varna repairs Iphone, SAMSUNG and some other electronic equipment. We are fully equiped with professional machines and equipment and we also have spare parts and key-components on stock, so that we can react fast and satisfy our customers` needs.

  • Diagnostics and replacement of an old battery
    If the battery`s behaviour is not what is used to me or you are experiencing telephone shut-downs too ofter, perhaps it is time to replace the batery. Before replacing the battery we will make sure that there is no other problem with your Iphone that could drain the power of the baterry. We can check the current status of your battery and advice if the change is your best option.
  • Battery replacement for Iphone (for all models)
    We import and keep batteries on stock for all Ihone models. The manipulation could take litteraly just a few minutes, but since there are a lots of important components around the battery, please be patient and respect our rhythm. 
  • Full diagnostics and performance tests
    In some cases, the smartphone is not behaving as it should – doesn`t charge, restarts a lot, doesn`t connect to mobile network or doesn`t sound good.. Here in our shop, depending on the symptoms, we can use the equipment and know-how to find the reason and solve the problem. Diagnostics is very important part of our service because it protects our customers from purchasing parts (for example LCD or battery) that are not actually faulted.
  • Glass-replacement of a broken or scratched glass for all Iphone models and some SAMSUNG models
    This is probably the most common problem – broken Iphone glass. In cases when the damage is limited to the glass only, we can delaminate the LCD assembly and replace the glass. By doing so, we keep your original display and you save some money – much better than buying new LCD display.
    If the damage is more severe or the phone was used for a long period with broken glass, there is a chance some scrach-marks still appear after the glass-replacement. Those are in the inner-layers of the screen-assembly and can be addressed but require additional attention. 
  • LCD replacement for all Iphone and some other smart-phones and tablets.
    In cases when the force of the impact was bigger or the touch-screen is not working, or there are some lines, spots, etc. and the LCD replacement is inevitable – we got that covered. We have all the LCDs on stock. The change of the LCD usually doesn`t take too long but it depends on the current schedule of the service, hope you understand! The quality of all new LCDs is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • Rapair of different components – speakers, cameras, microfons, connectors…
    Our shop is one of the very few places in Bulgaria, where we can change and replace certain parts of your iPhone. Our key for success is that we have all the parts available, so we don`t have to deliver and wait. This guarantees you get your phone back in no time.

  • Mother-board repair, CPU repairs, chips, connection repairs
    This is probably the most expensive service in our shop and yet the most life-saving and appreciated. Please have in mind that even if it is hi-quality smart-phone, it is experiencing:
    – daily use
     – impacts and shakes of all kind and force
     – electricity fluctuations from the power network
     – immence temperature changes
     – stress and squeeze inside you pockets
    … it`s no wander, some board-components or other parts of the phone sometimes fail. Our job is to find the problem and fix it. We realize that some of the phones that you trust to us cannot be saved and this is serious stress for you, so we charge only when the rapir is successful.

  • Ремонт на намокрен телефон – всички модели на iPhone
    Ако Вашият телефон е бил намокрен шанс все още има! Важно е да реагирате бързо и да го поверите на компетентен сервиз. Ние успешно ремонтираме голяма част от устройствата които са били намокрени, а в случаите когато щетата е непоправима, полагаме максимални усилия да спасим и извлечем информацията от телефона.
  • Почистване на телефон – в случай че не се чува ясно някой от говорителите
    В резултат на ежедневната употреба, телефоните събират мъх, прах и власинки. Понякога потребителите сами могат да ги отстранят, но в случаите когато е необходимо отваряне на телефона или замяна на компонент е по-добре да се намеси професионалист.
  • Смяна на заден панел (корпус) за всички модели на iPhone и SAMSUNG
    Ако вашият телефон е износен, издраскат, усукан или счупен… Ние можем да го заменим с нов. Така Вашият любим телефон ще заблести като нов.
  • Увеличаване на размера на паметта на iPhone – чрез подмяна на NAND чип
    Проблем при устройствата на Apple е паметта и невъзможността да се ползват “карти-памет”. Ако и Вашата памет е пълна – ние имаме решение!
  • Поставяне на стъклени протектори
    Закупените от нас стъклени протектори, биват поставени на Вашия iPhone съвсем професионално. Така не рискувате да остане прашинка или балон…
  • Продажба на дисплеи, камери и други компоненти за iPhone
    Ако Вие се чувствате подготвени за ремонт и сте решили да се справите сами, ние имаме всичко необходимо. Можете да закупите необходимия компонент и да се заемете с ремонта.
  • Монтаж на дисплеи, батерии и други, донесени от клиента
    В случай, че сте закупили дисплей, батерия или каквато и да е част за Вашия iPhone, но не се чувствате спокойни да е поставите сами, ние с радост ще Ви помогнем.

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