Question: Do you have office in Sofia

Answer: We do not have address in Sofia but we are quite succesfull with express-delivery companies. It takes just one day to deliver your device to us – a day which we can compensate by faster service in our shop.

Question: Could you unlock SIM-locked iPhone?

Answer: Yes, we do! The price depends on the operator.

Question: Do you remove iCloud account?

Answer: No, we don`t. If you are the actual owner of the device we advice you to get in contact with Apple Support and follow their instructions to unlock the device!

Question: How long does it take to replace a broken glass of an Iphone?

Answer: The repair of a broken iPhone screen usually takes up to one day.

Question: How long does it take to replace a broken glass of a Samsung?

Answer: To replace a broken glass of a Samsung it takes a little longer. Especially if it is Samsunge Edge. Usually we need up to 2 working days.

Question: I am not in Varna. Can I send my device to you? How exactly does this work?

Answer: Yes, you may! You could youse Econt but you can use another express-delivery company as well. You should send the deivce (iPhone, iPad or other) to our shop-address (12, Evlogi Georgiev STR, Varna, Bulgaria) and when it is serviced we will ship it back to you.

Question: While speaking I can hardly hear. The sound is too low?

Answer: In most cases the tiny net that protects the speaker is acumulating dust over time. This causes the little holes to close and so you have troubles hearing while on a conversation. The easy-fix takes about 30 minutes and the phone works like new. It is also possible that you have speaker malfunction but this is rarely the case.

Question: Water-damaged iPhone! Will it work again?

Answer: Yes, it could be saved! Depending on the system affected by the water and the degree of the problem… in many cases we manage to recover the device to its former shape. We still urge you not to try to swith-on or charge your Apple device and look for froffessional help as soon as possible.

Question: My iPhone battery drains very fast. Could you replace my battery?

Answer: Yes, the battery of any iPhone can be replaced and the whole procedure takes up to one hour. We still have to warn you that in many cases the life of the battery is shortened because of mother-board problems. Sometimes after-market cables or charges (or even network problems) could cause currency peaks that could damage some of the tiny electronic components. We always test first (free-of-charge) your device for such problems and only then replace the battery.


Question: My smartphone is so much slower after the last iOS update. Why?

Answer: Please have in mind that iOS update means total re-installation of your device! It is normal for the first few hours to experience some negative effects of the processor running all the time becauce at that time it is checking each and every component of your iPhone and is re-writing the system files. It is also mormal to build some heat because of that operations. If all goes well, you phone should soon be fine again.

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